Location Reporting Protocol

location TROUBLESHOOTING protocol 

At times, the connection between iDialogs and mobile providers is lost and the provider's current location goes unreported for a specific time period. We refer to this as reporting a "stale location." The document below introduces improved features for dispatchers that easily identify when a provider's location is out of date. Additionally, it provides guidance for working with the provider to ensure that the connection to iDialogs is active and the reported location is up to date. The goal behind these features is to improve iDialogs' accuracy and make the experience of using iDialogs smoother for both dispatchers and providers.


iDialogs now makes clear when a location is out of date, as shown below. Providers Dorothea Dix and Margaret Sanger have their icons displayed in gray to indicate that the location is not up to date. In the screenshot, the current time is 11:58 AM. The messages indicate that Dorothea Dix's last location update was 9:53 AM and Margaret Sanger's last update was 10:54 AM. If you see that a provider's location is out of date, contact them and follow the steps provided.

STEP 2: HAVE PROVIDER Location Update Button IN THE APP

If the location is not updating, there is now a button to press which will force a location update and help find the cause of the issue. There is no need to use this feature unless there is a problem.

 To access this button:

  • The provider taps the menu on the left, and then selects App Options.
  • The provider goes to Location Settings and chooses the Tap to Update button, as shown below.

The iDialogs app will respond with a message that the location has been updated, indicated by a change in the last updated date and time. Return to the map on the dispatcher screen and confirm that the provider's location is updating successfully. On the dispatch screen, the icon that was in gray should now be the color that corresponds with their status.


iDialogs now tells the dispatcher if a provider's location is out of date because their location services are disabled on the phone. This is the case for provider Sarah Barton in the example above.

If location services have been disabled for iDialogs, the app will advise the provider to re-enable them. 

  1. To do so, go to Settings on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down until you see iDialogs in the list and select iDialogs.
  3. Under Location, it will say Never, While Using, or Always.
  4. If the setting says Never, change it to While Using. The While Using setting provides a positive indication that the iDialogs app is on and working. The provider should see a blue bar indicating that the app is in use.

If Location Services was While Using or Always for iDialogs, check Location Services for the phone.

  1. Scroll up in the Settings until you see Privacy. Select Privacy.
  2. If Location Settings is off for the phone, set it to on. This enables location capability for your phone as a whole. This is normally on if you use any map-type application on your phone, but can be turned off accidentally.


  • The iDialogs app must remain open on the phone to continue displaying the provider's location on the map.
  • The app can be minimized in the background and still work, but it cannot be closed until the provider's shift is over.
  • To minimize the app during the shift, press the Home button once. Make sure that the provider is not closing the app with the double tap and swipe up gesture and/or turning off the phone. 


If a provider's location fails to update and you have gone through all steps in the protocol above, please contact iDialogs support at info@idialogs.com.

Please note that mobile providers will need to respond to communications from iDialogs to help resolve these issues when they down time during their shift.