Bug Fixes and Issue Reporting



The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • We have fixed the issue where certain providers would disappear from the map.
  • We have fixed one of the issues related to patients having multiple addresses (when a new active address does not always replace the old address)
  • We have fixed the issue that causes a provider status update made in the mobile app to revert to the previous status,



Overall, the diagnostic reports and automatic alerts will make troubleshooting of issues more effective and efficient. If you experience an issue that needs to be reported to iDialogs, please send the information to info@idialogs.com as soon as possible. Because the problems are related to specific times and locations, we will be able to examine the issue more clearly if it is reported in real time.


The section below provides more troubleshooting guidelines when you observe an issue with a provider not displaying on the map.


Provider Account Troubleshooting

If an issue occurs with a provider not displaying and/or not updating on the map, we will ask the following questions related to the provider’s account:

Can we determine if the provider’s phone was logged onto iDialogs?

The Mobile App Diagnostics report can help answer this question.

 Can we determine if the user’s status changes are being recorded on the server?

The Status Change History report provides information as to when status changes were recorded.


Can we determine if the user’s geolocation data was being recorded and transferred to iDialogs?

The User Location Log gives preliminary information.


Can we replay the user’s location during the period of time to see whether it was being tracked successfully?

A report that does this is in development by iDialogs.


Dispatcher Account Troubleshooting

We will also ask the following questions related to the dispatcher’s account that was unable to locate the provider:

What filters were in place on the dispatcher’s map display?

 How many active patients and providers displayed on the map during this time period? How many providers should have been displayed?

 Were other users being displayed successfully?

 Can the issue be reproduced on another dispatcher’s account?