Care Requests Fixes Release (8.0.11)



We have fixed the reported issue that marker size on the map cannot be changed. Additionally, we've adjusted the relative sizes of icons to make it clearer when a patient and provider overlap, as shown below.



We have noticed issues where care requests are dispatched and assigned to a provider without an active address for the patient. We have now made the address field in a care request required, so dispatchers will not be able to create the request without choosing an address. If you have a call where a provider does not need to be dispatched, you can still choose the address where the patient needing assistance is currently located.



We now have the data import working so that a provider is able to view a patient's phone number that is associated with a care request. The provider can see the phone number as follows:

  • When the provider taps on an appointment in the Future Appointments list, an information box will pop up that includes the phone number.
  • The phone number is visible on the Current Appointment card in the app.
  • When the provider selects the option to view appointment details from an e-mail

Note: In this release, the phone number is not being displayed on the dispatcher side.



Some providers have reported that they are unable to select an address in a care request when using Internet Explorer. As always, Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use with iDialogs. However, we have included some fixes for Internet Explorer that will rectify this issue.



There were a few issues that arose because a dispatcher updated a provider's status while the provider was working on an active appointment. Now, if a dispatcher tries to change a provider's status when the provider has an active appointment, a confirmation prompt will appear to make sure that the status change is appropriate.

A dispatcher cannot change the global status of a provider if the provider has an active care request.

The provider may have failed to go off-duty.  The dispatcher can change the status of the provider to off-duty only if there are no active care requests. If there are active care request, the dispatcher must first deactivate it.

A dispatcher can deactivate a care request in three ways. The dispatcher can:

1 Complete the Care Request

The dispatcher may become aware that the care request was actually completed, but the provider forgot to indicate this.  So they can complete the care request on behalf of the provider. This action sends a message to the provider that the care request has been completed and deactivates the current appt.

2 Remove the Care Request

The care request may have been canceled by the patient.  So the dispatcher can therefore cancel the care request.  This cancelation sends a message to the provider who had previously accepted the request. This deactivates the current appointment.

3 Re-assign the Care Request

The care center may become aware that the current provider cannot complete the care request.  So they have the authority to re-assign.  Mail should be sent to the original provider notifying that the care request has been re-assigned.

Once the care request has been dealt with in one of these three ways, the dispatcher will have the ability to change the provider's top-level status.


NEW status OPTIONS for providers

In the previous release, there were two ways providers could enter the Charting status. Charting could be selected as part of an open care request or at anytime if the provider needed to catch up. We have changed the Charting status that a provider can select at anytime to a more general Busy status. The Charting status now can only be selected from a care request.

We have also added an enhancement that prevents a provider from setting status to off-duty, available or busy during a current appointment.

The provider must first decline or complete the active appointment. The Decline and Complete actions are in the dropdown menu of the current appointment.

Decline lets the dispatcher know that the appointment needs to be reassigned.

Complete finishes the current appointment and is the usual way to be in a position to be Available, Busy, or Off-Duty.