Location Update Release May 2019

In this release, there are four improvements which will improve the workflow of following mobile providers on the map.

Location Services Alert

It is possible for a mobile provider not to appear on the map if they have accidentally disabled location services in iDialogs or for the phone as a whole. With this release, the dispatcher will be alerted that a specific provider has location services turned off. That way, the provider can quickly enable the service and there will not be time during the shift when the provider cannot be located. In the screenshot below, iDialogs is alerting the dispatcher that the mobile provider Sarah Barton has disabled location services on her phone. If you see this message, contact the provider and walk them through re-enabling their location services.

Stale Data Indicator

This feature is intended to tackle the problem where a provider loses connectivity with iDialogs and displays on the map in a location that does not match their current location. When this occurs, this leads to uncertainty as to where the provider is and takes time away from patient care to track down the provider.

Starting with this release, iDialogs will notify the dispatcher if a provider's location is out of date. In the screenshot above, providers Dorothea Dix and Margaret Sanger have their icons displayed in gray to indicate that the location is not up to date. In that screenshot, the current time is 11:58 AM. The messages indicate that Dorothea Dix's last location update was 9:53 AM and Margaret Sanger's last update was 10:54 AM. If you see that a provider's location is out of date, contact them and follow the troubleshooting steps.

You can experiment with the feature and decide the amount of time that you would like to have elapse since the provider's last update before the stale location indicator is displayed. We will initially release the feature with a location expiration time of 24 hours, and will discuss with the CCC team what interval to use. iDialogs recommends an expiration time of 30 minutes.

Improved User App Diagnostics

This release includes more sophisticated app diagnostics that will improve the troubleshooting process when there is an issue with a provider's location or display on the map.

Improved Status Change Screen in the Mobile App

We have received feedback from mobile providers that the status change dropdown menu could work more smoothly. In response to this feedback, we have changed the display for changing status in the mobile app. We expect the redesigned screen to make status changes easier and more efficient. In this example, a provider is changing status from En Route to At Visit.

The provider's status begins as En Route.

Tap En Route to reveal the new status change screen. Tap At Visit.

The status changes to At Visit with a message to the provider confirming the last time the status was updated.