This release addresses the following concerns related to how the patient and provider icons display on the map.


When a provider reaches a patient, the icons no longer eclipse one another.  The patient is a star that appears on top of the provider.  In the example below, the provider Carrie has arrived at the visit for patient Geller. The patient last name appears at the top and the provider first name appears at the bottom in this example.




The patient priority is no longer represented by a colored outline to the patient circle.  Instead, the star is filled with the color, making it easier to see. In the example above, the yellow star for patient Geller represents that the patient is Low Priority:

  • A red star means that the patient is Urgent Priority
  • A green star means that the patient is Routine Priority.
  • A yellow star means that the patient is Low Priority.
  • A purple star represents a Crisis Care visit.


The status of a provider (available, en route, ... ) is now represented by an icon within the provider circle in addition to the color. Below is a summary of the provider icons and their respective statuses.



Available: Provider is available to be assigned a patient visit.

Invited: Provider has been assigned a visit to accept or decline.

Accepted: In general, blue icons show a provider that is in some stage of working on a visit. A status of Accepted means that the provided has accepted the next visit but has not started traveling there.

En Route: Provider is in transit on the way to a patient visit. You can watch these providers moving in real-time on the map.

At Visit: The provider is currently at a patient visit. When the provider arrives at a visit, this icon will overlap with the patient star icon so that the dispatcher can see that the patient and provider are together.

Delayed: Red icons indicate that the provider will not be able to reach the patient at the ideal time. With the delayed status, the provider has experienced a problem such as a traffic delay or car accident.

Declined: The provider has declined an invitation for a visit.

Charting: Purple icons depict providers who are in the process of completing a visit. The charting status means that the provider is taking time to chart recent visits and is not yet available for another visit.

Completed: The completed status means that a visit has been finished but the provider is not yet available to be assigned another visit.


Off Duty: The provider is off duty and does not appear on the map.



There are a number of options available for customizing the display of the icons. To open the settings pane shown below, go to Settings>Options on the left side of the map:

Map Layers: Choose whether you would like to view patients, staff, and places of interest. You can view all three by checking all three boxes.

Marker Size: Choose the size of the patient and provider icons to optimize your view. The Small size is recommended to minimize  overlap on the map.

Patient Markers: Choose whether to view the patient icons in a star shape or circle shape. The star is recommended so that you can see the patient icons and provider icons overlap when a provider is at a visit.

Provider Markers: There are multiple options for display of the provider icons. You can choose an empty circle, the status icons shown above, the initials and a color-coded status, the provider specialty and color-coded status, or specialty, initials, and status. The status icons are selected by default.

Place Markers: You can also choose the size of the icons for important places.