Here are the new features being released. 

  • Better reports: We are releasing Administrative Reports to show if users have upgraded the app and what phone they are using.  These reports will be valuable in determining if problems that continue for a given user are because that user has not upgraded or is using an unsupported phone. This is currently a feature that is only for iDialogs administrators, but will allow for more accurate location tracking for all customers.

  • More flexible icon naming on the map: To simplify the map presentation, we have introduced a more general scheme to define the labels that appear with patient and provider icons.  First, patient and provider labels can now be positioned separately – patients above the icon and provider labels below the icon.  This keeps them from overlapping. There is also a formatting option to allow the team manager to decide the contents of labels, e.g. any or all of the following can be included – unique identifier, first name, last name, credentials, and so on.  There is a short-form and long-form labels which are used appropriately depending on the report. The iDialogs support team will review these options with you to determine what is best for your organization.