Release Notes 8.1 Aug 2019



This release introduces a new home page for dispatchers and managers. This page replaces the table of all members in the organization, which is still available to you if you click on the Organization tab. The new home page has tiles showing current statistics and a stream of recent patient and provider events. The map, which is the central screen when using the system, has not changed in its overall appearance.

Patient Snapshot

The patient snapshot shows the total number of active patients in the Hospice of Dayton organization, the number of those patients that are alive, the number of those patients that are deceased, and the number of those patients in short-stay status.

Provider Snapshot

The provider snapshot shows current statistics about the providers that are on duty. The top left shows the total number of providers currently on duty. Then, the snapshot breaks it down into the number of providers available, the number currently dispatched, and the number that are currently busy. Providers that are En Route, At Visit, or Charting are counted as dispatched. Busy refers to a provider that is delayed for a reason not directly related to patient care.

Care Request Status Snapshot

This snapshot shows a breakdown of the current care requests. Unassigned refers to the number of visits on the board that are awaiting provider assignment. Deferred shows the number of visits that have been accepted by a provider, but the assigned provider has not started travel to that visit. En Route shows the number of care requests where the provider is traveling to the visit, and At Visit shows the number of patients currently receiving care.

Care Request Priorities Snapshot

These tiles show the number of active care requests that are urgent, low priority, crisis care, and routine.

Drill Down Features

For each tile, you can click the bars to see a detailed list of the information in the tile. You can click the globe to see the information on a map. For example, in the tile that shows unassigned care requests, click the bars to see a list of unassigned visits. Click the globe to see these unassigned visits on the map, as shown.

Organization History

The organization history shows recent provider activity and recent patient care requests. If you want to see the recent history for a specific user, click the gear wheel to access the user filter.


New care request filters

We have expanded the care request filters that are available when viewing the map.

To access these filters, go to Settings>Filters>Care Request Filters.

You now can filter the care requests by their completion status, their dispatch status, or their priority.

Completion Status

The choices available are No Filter (shows all care requests), Open Care Requests (currently active care requests), and Completed Care Requests (all care requests that have been completed on your map's selected time period).

Please note: If you want to view completed care requests, change the date range on your map to a smaller date range so the map loads more quickly.

Dispatch Status

You now can filter the care requests by where they are in the dispatch process:

  • No Filter shows all care requests
  • Unassigned shows requests that are awaiting provider assignment
  • You can see requests that are assigned to a provider, deferred by a provider, or declined by a provider.
  • You can also see requests that are currently in the process of being completed if you select Provider En Route or Provider At Visit.


The priority filters allow you to see all Urgent care requests, all Low Priority care requests, all Crisis Care requests, or all Routine requests.