Release Notes May 2019 7.9




In App Release 7.9, there are three new features aimed at improving the user experience.

  • When a provider updates status, there will be a clearer message around the status change.
  • Providers will receive a message when the app is loading or updating.
  • If providers experience an issue with location updating, there is now a button to press that will force a location update, meaning that providers no longer have to restart or reinstall the app.



There are also new features on the server side which improve address verification and reporting:

  • When a user is verifying or updating an address record, the original address is preserved so that you can see the original entry and make sure the update is correct.
  • General improvements have been added to the address verification to improve accuracy and decrease exceptions.
  • The organization import log report is now able to generate a record of all addresses that have an edit to the address that was originally reported.


Here are instructions for how to update your app if it does not download automatically.

  • To update iDialogs, go to the App Store on your phone.
  • In the App Store, tap the Updates selection on the bottom.
  • If iDialogs needs to be updated, it will appear in the Pending Updates
  • Tap the Update button next to iDialogs. The app should update successfully and you can continue to use it normally.


New App Features

Status Update Message

When you update your status, you will now see a clear message that shows the date and time of your last update. If someone updates your status for you, the message will indicate that. To check your status on the home page of the app, do the following:

  • Change the status.
  • Check the time stamp below the status to confirm that it reflects the updated setting.

Location Update Button

If your location is not updating for any reason, there is now a button to press which will force a location update and help us find the cause of your issue. There is no need to use this feature unless there is a problem.


To access this button:

  • Tap the menu on the left, and then select App Options.
  • Go to Location Settings and choose the Tap to Update button.


Original Address Preserved When Editing

If an address needs to be edited in order to display on the map, the original imported address from NetSmart will remain part of the patient record in iDialogs.

  • To view this feature, go to the Organization Import Log.
  • Go to the Actions column and select Verify Address.
  • Click Latest Imported Data to see the address that came in from NetSmart.
  • The Reset Form to Imported Values button makes the imported address from NetSmart become the address in iDialogs.
  • The Restore Saved Values button restores the address values that were there when you opened the form.


General Address Improvements

We have been adding improvements to the address verification to cut down on the number of addresses that need review.


Address Change Log

You are now able to view the list of address exceptions where the address was edited or corrected so that it would display on the map.

  • To view this list, go to Reports>Data Import>Organization Report Log
  • Set the Success Filter to Unsuccessful and the Resolution Filter to This creates a list of all address records in your selected range that have been edited since they were imported.