Version Notes



Bug Temporarily removed monthly average option from date normalized chart until it is working 100%.
Bug Fixed display of weekly average and date limits on normalized chart.



Bug Fixed appearance bugs with last pain value indicator on medication entry form.



Improvement Adjusted the configuration of "last symptom" indicator so it only appears within the medication entry form.
Improvement Added custom date range option to symptom assessment chart and MME chart.
Improvement Added help text for custom date range property and restricted access to the report to just doctor accounts.



New Feature Added ability to set report-specific date range for symptom history chart.



New Feature Added indicator to pain form to show value of last pain entry.
Improvement Miscellaneous improvements to reports to improve simultaneous graph browsing.
Improvement Added new fields to user model for disease condition and take-home program.



Improvement Added validation in medication wizard to make sure dosage range is divisible by dose increment.



Improvement Added configuration option for initial value of medication input form elements: blank or default value.
Bug Style and layout bug fixes on event forms (especially medications).



Improvement Refinement of medication range dosage input UI elements.
Improvement Added buttons to the "knob" input style for finer control.



Bug Fixed bugs with how the newer UI components interact with the sidescrolling form.
Bug Fixed bug related to non-responsive touch events on home screen (primarily android).



New Feature Created new UI elements for created events with range dosage.
Improvement Testing medication event input types: list of buttons, knobs, slider, input field, +/- buttons.



New Feature Added range dosage for medications with a min, max and acceptable increment.
New Feature Support for user-selection of "dosage unit" on any medication.



Improvement Updated side-scroll event form to contextually show or hide navigation buttons depending on whether form will auto-advance.



Improvement Drafted aggregate reports for symptom-tracking population
New Feature Added new side-scrolling layout to medication entry form.
Improvement Added auto-advancing feature to medication entry form to increase efficiency of logging events.
Improvement Improved mobile styles on messages page, event entry forms, and home page.



Bug Enable "next" key on mobile event entry.



Improvement Added filtering on symptom and symptom assessments
Improvement Changed email system to use internal templates for better display
Improvement User interface improvement to improve mobile app support



Improvement Added ability to toggle tracking of all event types.
Improvement Added navigation confirmation capability to prevent users from leaving forms without saving.
Improvement Improved and fixed styling for small screens.
Improvement User interface improvements to messages view.



Improvement Daily tips now correspond to the activity categories you are tracking (IDIALOGS-7470)
Improvement Ida won't give you symptom feedback on your prior week if you only just signed up for iDialogs (IDIALOGS-7471)
New Feature You can now see a previous of your last unread message on the home screen (iDialogs-7472)
Improvement The message preview will not appear if you do not have unread messages. (IDIALOGS-7473)
Improvement Forgot password link easier to touch with fat fingers. (IDIALOGS-7474)
Improvement Users will now be kept logged in as default unless unchecked at login (IDIALOGS-7475)
Improvement Metrics have been moved from the home screen to the reports summary. (IDIALOGS-7476)
Improvement The layout of the Calendar page has been dramatically improved on smaller screens. (IDIALOGS-7477)
Improvement Created new chart them with more visible text and chart styles.
Improvement Added badging for messages in header and push navigation (IDIALOGS-7484)
Improvement Condensed mobile styles for metrics report to be more space efficient.



Improvement Updated default configurations for symptom reports.
Improvement Improved styles on the symptom input screens for small screen devices.
New Feature Added a keypad-style input for symptoms
New Feature Added patient data filter presets to the patient list report
New Feature Created new mini-patient table for reporting on symptoms.
Improvement Updated patient selection mechanism to allow searching.
New Feature Added a new widget to home page for "as-needed" medications.
Improvement Updated branding and informational content on "about" and "product" pages.
Improvement Created new simpler medication input form especially for as-needed meds.
Bug Fixed "last activity" columns in patient table report.
Improvement Using new face icons for symptom input.
Improvement Patient table report will now show up-to-date data, no 24 hour delay anymore.



New Feature Upgraded to PHP 7.1 from PHP 5.6. Allows faster performance and modern language features
Improvement Better user creation on database administration
Improvement Improved handling of adherence calculations with complex schedules



Bug Updated the sort order of symptoms to be consistent across the site.
Bug Made sure that symptom tasks are regenerated after re-enabling schedules in the preferences.



Bug Improvements to UX when deleting events.
Bug Fixed bugs related to the fulfillment of symptom-assessment tasks.
Bug Patches related to the dashboard and report manager.
Bug Bug Patched minor bugs related to symptom reports including the emailing of graph images.



New Feature Allow for partial symptom assessments instead of requiring all 10.
Improvement Allow users to toggle tracking of symptoms.
Improvement Improved the user experience with deleting events from the event detail page.
Bug Fixed issues with scheduling and task evaluation for symptom tasks.
Bug Fixed an error on the glucose event entry form responsible for showing incorrect medications in the insulins section.
Improvement Updated symptom/palliative charts so that all have the ability to select particular symptoms to display.



Bug Fixed routing method in version notes



New Feature Added a new feature to dashboards for "Synced Browsing" which will synchronize the tooltips between graphs on the same dashboard when enabled. Accessible for any date/time axis graphs.
Improvement Condensed dashboard/report styles a little bit to save vertical space.
Improvement Added support for symptom related feedback
Improvement Added symptom related badges
Improvement Added symptom adherence metric



Added better security permissions and doctor+ security mode. Patch release to 5.3

Improvement Improved security and permissions to allow new capabilities for doctors



New Feature Extending scheduling and tasks to Edmonton Assessments
Improvement Split up Edmonton charting for easier use.
Improvement Copy and styling updates to wizard, privacy agreement.



New Feature Added dynamic rules system to alert medication overdose conditions.
Improvement Copy & Bug Fixes to Edmonton Charts
Improvement Copy & Fixes to Wizard Input



New Feature Permit a receptionist/doctor role to log in as their patient for purposes of administering an assessment.
New Feature Added receptionist-only steps to the Edmonton assessment wizard to support administering the assessment in the waiting room.



Improvement Added ability to add dynamic flag to time series charts



New Feature Added new edmonton reports, graphs and tables.
New Feature Wizard-style input of Edmonton symptoms.
Improvement Improvement to Edmonton grouped input form styles.
Improvement Improvements to some Edmonton report styles.
Improvement Performance updates to several reports including stream and calendar.



New Feature Added Event Bundling model to keep track of events submitted together
New Feature Integrated edmonton input assessment
New Feature New symptom based dashboards and reports
New Feature Added support for radar / polar charts



New Feature Adding modeling of organizations
Improvement More fine grained permissions
Improvement Improved PHP7 compatibility
Improvement Added Edmonton Indicator Boxes
New Feature Added Alexa Integration



Improvement Added additional API support for saving medications
Improvement Added images for missing modules
Improvement Improved git-hub interaction with ajax
Improvement Added easier database switching with unified config



Improvement Improvements for Med calendar styling



Improvement Improved "change dosage" validation
Bug Fixed minor bugs in completely deleting a prescription.
Improvement Dropped current day from home box med adherence calculation. Will give users higher adherence totals



Improvement Improvements to event form for medications handling dosage schedules.
Improvement Further improvements to the prescription table showing schedule details.



Improvement Improvements to calendar view of prescription dosage schedules.



Improvement IDIALOGS-5772: Improved logic of internal back button
Improvement Improved creation of dosage change flag events
Improvement Updates to medication preferences page for display of dosage schedules, including calendar style view and smart system descriptions of dosage schedules.



Improvement IDIALOGS-6505: Added total user count as subtitle on column chart
Improvement IDIALOGS-6510: Added raw data values on certain pie chart
Improvement IDIALOGS-6544: Adjusted chart date range to better match date selector where there is blank data
New Feature Added tracking of symptoms for Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS)
New Feature Added natural language input of pain symptoms
New Feature Added graphs for pain and nausea scale
Improvement Added support for graphical images for data points on graphs



New Feature Updated medication scheduling system to accommodate more flexible scheduling options.
New Feature All time periods are now available for scheduling of any measurement or dosage.
New Feature Prescriptions can be scheduled with a combination of fixed and variable dosages.
Improvement Medication event form can now show multiple dosages for the same prescription.
Improvement Medication adherence calculations should now take into account both fixed and variable schedules.
Bug Improved navigation interactions between task list and calendar view on the calendar page.
New Feature Doctors/Practices now have the option to invite staff members as sub-accounts. Sub accounts have read-access to the practice's patient data.


Bug Fixed issue with enabling/disabling event types on a touch device.
Bug Fixed mixup in CC and primary message subject lines.
Bug Updated older browser compatibility.


Bug Fixed CC Fields functioning wrong on share/message (email de-duplication bug)
Bug Fixed Cannot select asset from the gallery
Bug Removed Reply-to header in shares to self
Improvement Added Tasks evaluator configuration page for admins
Bug Fixed Amazon SES Configuration
Bug Fixed BG Comments being saved improperly
Bug Fixed Event form date field in chrome
Bug Fixed IE 10/11 loading
Bug Fixed Time interval on BG Daily Measurement Graph
Bug Fixed My log report showing “generic” in the meal rows


New Feature Added API support for Meals
Improvement Stricter Enforcement of Two Factor Security (Admins)
Bug Improved iHealth Token Renewal
New Feature Added Editing Tools for Help Categories (Admins)
Bug Fixed Home Page Ida to Use Group Avatars


New Feature Added Gallery for Selection of Past Avatars for Users, Groups and Dialogs
Improvement Allowed Filtering on Graphs by Flag Type and Pass Through of flag coloring
New Feature Added Basic Meals for Direct Nutritional Logging
Improvement Allowed basic meal nutrition on glucose mini-form.
New Feature Added Prescription Tags API Support


New Feature Added chat dialog option to input A1c
Improvement Improved chat parsing capability around comments.
Improvement Add mini-form option to combine glucose and meds entry.
New Feature Added API support for HealthKit Integrations and Multiple iOS Apps


Bug Added Push Queue to Fix Apple Push Token Conflicts
Improvement Added API Support for A1C Data and Graphs
New Feature Added Messages Sent Metric for Doctors
Improvement Enhanced Help Copy and Authoring Tools
Bug Small Bug Fixes


New Feature Added Support for multiple Timezones and Time Zone Auto-Detect
Improvement Add Medication Change Disambiguation Modal
Improvement Instituted Dynaic Chron Log Processing
Improvement Added Youtube Channel and Integrated Video Content
Bug Fixed Encoding Issue with Password Encryption
Bug Styling and Validation Form Fixes


Improvement Improved mobile styles and mobile web
Bug Improved backward compatibility with IE
New Feature Added direct logging of A1C and other event types through New Event interface.
Improvement Enhanced Getting Started Wizard with better logic and new graphics.


Improvement Added Extended Drilldown to Doctor Time Sheets
Improvement Allowed browser spell check to be used in message composition
Improvement Added compose option from dashboard
Bug Made API Source Tagging Dynamic for Event History Logging


Improvement Reduced Auto-Loading and Improved Interface Caching to Improve Speed
Bug Fixed IE Backward Compatibility due to Bad Cert on Pusher CDN
New Feature Implemented Alternative Daily Score Metric
Bug Fixed Casing and Dependency Issues with Autoloading & Active Record


Improvement Improved Mobile Styles for Onboarding Wizard
Bug Fixed User Purging for Admins
Improvement Swapped Out Last Login Field for Last Activity on Patient List
New Feature Added Task Report Email
Bug Added Subtitle for User Count back to Aggregate Charts
Improvement Added New Form Library for Handling User Input



new feature Added A1C Tracking Chart
new feature Added automatic time tracking for doctors to support billing
bug Fixed an error that would occur when a user changed their medication schedule
bug Fixed a bug which caused html tags to appear in aggregate reports
bug Fixed a bug pertaining to the task list; The task list would show an incorrect measurement if a medication dosage was changed
improvement The TO field for a doctor sharing a report now defaults to the patient who's data they are currently examining
improvement Med Adherence value now rounded to the nearest integer for Traffic Light graphs
improvement User interface improvements made to the Two-Factor Authentication feature
improvement Time-log table added to support time tracking feature
improvement Feedback messages no longer appear cut off on small width screens
improvement The Patient List dashboard now contains health metrics and filtering functionality allowing doctors to see all their patient's data as soon as they log into the idialogs system



bug Fixed a bug which rendered the "Event" report ineditable
bug Resolved bug which caused multiple logout toastr messages to appear at once
bug Fixed bug that caused an error when sharing an "Event" report
bug Fixed a styling issue which prevented text from appearing visible when utilizing the dark color theme and viewing the integrations preferences page
improvement Style improvements made to better support web pages seen on mobile device
improvement Security protocols added to prevent malicious attacks via input fields
new feature Optional Two Factor Authentication security feature added to the "Change password" preferences page



bug Fixed task bundling bug which prevented tasks from being visible on initial login
bug Fixed a few bugs with report sharing functionality
New Feature Added secure encryption to better protect sensitive user data
improvement Visual improvements made to the Stream
improvement Added search capabilities for the help section as well as more documentation to support users
bug Resolved minor task grouping and bundling bugs
bug Fixed the appearance of user message flags on charts
Improvement Reports with no data can now be sent via user message
Improvement Performance enhancements for the messages (inbox, unread, sent) page
Improvement Style improvements to the user message compose view
Improvement User message carbon-copy feature made more flexible
New Feature User messages can now be sent to multiple email addresses and external email addresses
Improvement Improvements to saved preferences of the patient table reports



bug Fixed bugs related to composing messages
improvement Patients and Doctors can now reply and cc messages
improvement Sharing reports messages now appear as a dialogue box



bug Fixed duplicated medications bug
bug Fixed doctor permissioned functionality
bug Fixed issue in the chat system pertaining to exercise event entry
bug Fixed bug that allowed doctor accounts to receive feedback messages
bug Fixed small issues with dashboard reports
improvement Added report commentary functionality for doctor accounts
improvement Improvements made to email message templates
bug Fixed bug related to how tasks are being handled by the stream



improvement Added Muli-Route sending capability to communications
improvement Implemented PhatomJs for HighCharts graph rasterization and CDN upload to support emailing graphics



bug Fixed bug related to how patient accounts connect with doctor accounts
bug Fixed small bug with user setup wizard
bug Fixed medication definition errors
improvement Visual improvements made to email messages
improvement Improvements made to body fat graph
improvement Optimized Idialogs to support upgrades made to Fitbit technology



bug Fixed bugs found in aggregate reports
bug Fixed errors found in the event report when using a doctor account
bug Fixed bug in weight feedback email messages
Improvement Visually improved email message templates
Improvement Improved caching sections of the site when user preferences are changed



bug Fixed error found in medication retro reminders
bug Fixed Fitbit 409 error
bug Fixed bug which prevented weekly medication tasks from being updated
bug Fixed time boundaries for event grouping
bug Fixed bug which prevented events from appearing on the calendar page when using doctor accounts
improvement Added feedback info buttons for coach accounts
improvement Improved non-standard time logging and original task association
improvement Improved task times for before and after tags
improvement Improved exercise goals criteria
improvement Improved save and print functionality for dashboard information
bug Fixed bug that prevented patient profiles from appearing on the home screen for doctor accounts
bug Fixed list/table functionality on patient list dashboard
bug Fixed an issue which hindered the ability to create an event from the calendar page
bug Fixed a bug with Safari notifications
Improvement Improved the visual response of weight gauge reports when changing browser size
Improvement Added help commands to improve the chat system





bug Fixed an error that occured when clicking the finished tasks home page link
bug Fixed bug which displayed the total daily amound of a medication instead of showing only the amount for that particular section of the day
bug Fixed bug that prevents events logged using IDA chat from being recognized by the task list
bug Hide|show task home page link is now responsive to mouse clicks
bug Fixed new user errors that occured after navigating through the new user wizard
bug Popover help text error fixed for home page iDakons
bug New event button seen in calendar when in doctor mode has been removed
bug Fixed bug which prevented a user from editing a favorite meal
bug Added code to prevent badges from appearing twice where applicable
improvement Task lists now expand appropriately when smaller web browser enabled devices are utilized
improvement Feedback reports available to users









bug Fixed bug associated with saving scheduled medications
bug Fixed error on Fitbit event tag
bug Fixed tab styling issue for dark mode
bug Fixed tag for network glucometer blood glucose editing screen
bug Fixed error on Fitbit event tags
bug Fixed bug associated with the print selected button found when printing dashboard information
bug Fixed bug which prevented event details from showing up when clicking on calendar icons
improvement Improvements made to the print information page
improvement The custom medications label is now highlighted when selected in the new medication wizard
improvement Notifications are no longer deletable when in table-view mode on the stream
improvement Copy change made in weight feedback messages
improvement Improved user flow for when a user deletes an event via the stream



bug Fixed styling issue for purple flag events seen on the calendar page
bug Corrected logic for selecting radio buttons in the getting started wizard
bug Resolved php errors that appears on the homepage for new users
bug Corrected label series for weight graph
bug Fixed retro reminder email message links
bug Fixed the inability to delete flag events from the stream
bug Corrected color coding logic which allows the correllation between the event submission page and the stream for flag events
improvement Better formatting for printing patient information
improvement Updated graphic icons for flag events
improvement Updated version notes layout



bug Fixed idakons associated with flagged events for dark mode
bug Fixed edit and delete functionality for touch devices
bug Fixed badge dashboard for doctor accounts
bug Fixed idakon and color indicator correlation for flag events
bug Fixed color indicator seen on the stream for flag events
bug Ida chat now correctly recognizes the blood glucose command inclusive of time the event was taken (e.g.. blood glucose 121 after lunch)
bug Fixed the message viewer page so that messages are no longer obscured when changing page orientation on touch devices
improvements Improved the format for retro reminder messages
improvements Help notes added to instruct users on how to log new events on touch devices using safari



bug The delete button found on the stream's table view is now responsive
improvement Improvements have been made to dark mode to allow visibility of table items
bug Fixed pop up bug which occurs when a mouse-over of a flag event occurs
improvement All reports that have no data now show the default 'No Data' image
improvement Individual dates on the calendar are now highlighted when selected
improvement The hamburger menu has been simplified by eliminating 'table' as a menu choice
improvement Calendar tiles have been restyled
bug Fixed info pop-up bug which prevented the resulting message from disappearing when clicking away from the home page idakons
new-feature iDakons on the home page now appear in accordance to the event types the user has chosen to track
bug Color code inconsistencies between the stream and the calendar are now fixed
bug Fixed bug which rendered aggregate graph unresponsive
bug Demographic filters are now working for aggregate graphs
bug Fixed auto loading issue which caused errors in new relic



bug Fixed medication wizard formating for mobile device
improvement Improvements made to bg values in reminder messages
bug Fixed web js error
bug Fixed med history report error seen on doctor accounts
new-feature Group message functionality added
improvement Browser back button functionality made consistent across the web application
new-feature Communication on/off switch added to user preferences
new-feature Implemented a communication log report for post-hoc reporting on the communication system
new-feature Generation rule info added to the footer of messages for admin privileged accounts
improvement Added more comment browser code
improvement Implemented a more detailed view of the days medications
improvement Improved wording for retro reminders
improvement Improved object oriented reports to use an autoloader and fewer explicit calls
improvement Known message exceptions are no longer reported as errors
bug Medication log event functionality improved to support 0 dosage for variable insulin such as Humalog
improvement Improved calendar so that clicking on an empty day triggers a new event button used for easy addition of data for that specific day
improvement Created Visual Output for Message Rules
new-feature Added communications settings for the user preferences page on doctor accounts
improvement JS improvement to the stream
improvement Improvements made to the API which includes: modifying user preferences, date error handling, chat, retrieving all badges and user badges
improvement Added infinite scroll functionality for the stream
improvement Removed goal from medication related reports when referencing variable or as-needed drugs
bug Several resizing and formatting improvements made to improve functionality when viewing the web application from an iPad
bug Fixed issues with feedback rules and real-time generators
bug Disabled the ability for doctors to change patient user preferences



Enhancements made to the "experimental view" to improve how users view the web application on an iPad
Improved input data logging of new events
Replaced prescription id with its uuid
Added multi-event query map
Turned loader animation back on
Fixed date issue in the chat management output
Improved sms issues for validation
Fixed problem with os detection
Api login functionality added
Added ability to save medications from the glucose dialog
Toaster notice added to indicate errors made in new event forms
Rate limiting added
Improved hanging of variable insulin in the medication wizard and stream
Extension of the sms chat system to allow for increased aliasing for inputing event data
Improved the medication system and stream to better handle variable insulin 



Color codes added for meal events by goals
Fixed stream table search box
Added daily tip toggle
Fixed bug with communication preferences table view switch
Fixed adherence values for mini-table report
Added feature in the exercise event form to notify user if they have no weight in the system
Improved blood glucose and blood pressure alert templates
Fixed IE9 calendar issues
Added ability to add future time for event logging
Improved you for reports
Simplified the medication email
Code improvements made so that toaster notifications precede modal badge popup
Implemented new user flow
Improved communication send message queue
Created horizontal bar graph for adherence
Improved links in feedback messages
Ajax improvements made to allow for smoother touch events on iPhone for the side push menu
Improved iPad layouts for home and cha
Added a new event pull-down to date separators in the stream
Added back to prescription button on prescription history table



Added the ability to set start and end dates for prescriptions
Added relationships between prescriptions
Improved medication wizard for creating, edition and updating prescriptions
Released a new set of reports for viewing medication data that is more responsive and easier to use
Improved Medication Wizard with error messaging
Improved handling of variable dosage and custom medications



Updated form field name to fix forgot password
Updated js to make time picker appear in events view
Updated js to make timepicker not default to current date when updating records
Updated stream filters to work
Updated settings toggle on flexible dashboard to only show for modules with settings
Updated team page copy
Updated registration link to avoid 404 error





Rewrote dialog system to improve parsing and flexibility
Introduced new modular events form for quicker data entry
Added tagging and tag filtering to events
Numerous changes to improve IE8 compatibility and rendering
Added days readings toggle for knob charts
Improved custom font rendering in Chrome [1941]
Added focus style to custom checkbox [1935]
Improved scrolling for touch devices [1889]
Introduced better print layout for reports
Home tiles now calculate data on shorter ranges for new users.
Fixed issue with date selector closing on new forms
Numerous additional bug fixes





AJAX Page Load
Improves performance and will allow lazy loading and a more responsive UI. Additional work required to more fully take advantage of AJAX.
Careers/Job Section
Copy for jobs we are hiring for. Should be reviewed, but nothing complicated about changing it.
Hourly Average Line Graph & Scatter Graph
Show data accumulated over multiple days/weeks/or months on as if it was a single day. Choose to group or average data by day/week/month. I personally think the scatter graph aggregated monthly is most interesting. The line graph seems clumsier. 
Stream Page
Stream or Feed page shows recent events on the system such as recording a blood glucose reading, sending or receiving messages, and earning achievements. Right now this is not a revelation because it contains system interaction that the user already knows about. However, if we integrate social features like a Facebook or twitter feed along with the system messages, it becomes more useful.
Email IDA
Email IDA: BG [Number] as subject line. Put commentary in message body.
Text IDA
Text IDA: BG [Number] [Commentary]. Ida will respond within a few seconds if everything is working.
Commentary on Market Graph
Showed selected commentary on market graph.
Commentary Tool tips on Scatter and Spline Graphs
Improved tool-tip display on these graphs
Ira Data Import
Imported Ira's data with commentary. Note: your blood sugar was not too high because you drank unsweetened ice tea despite what you claim.
Keep Me Logged In
Selecting Keep Me Logged In will remember a user until they manually log out. Otherwise sessions are two hours long.
Additional Preferences
Ability to input a phone number and have the system understand it despite the formatting issues.
Other sections are still a work in progress. [Example, you can change your timezone, but it won't too anything right now]